The Value of Hard Work

There has always been the natural talent versus hard work debate in all aspects of society, but it’s predominantly heard when talking about sports. As a basketball coach I have frequently thought about this over the years from a basketball perspective. Obviously the ideal situation is to have a team full of athletes who are naturally talented AND hard working. Not only would that be a winning combination, but that would be the perfect combination. However, if I had to choose one I would definitely have to lean more towards a group of guys that work hard. Although you can’t teach natural talent, I believe that deficiency can almost be made up for through hard work. I say almost because ultimately I believe there are some things that an athlete cannot learn regardless of how hard they work for it. With that said, I would still take a group of hard working guys over naturally talented guys because it would be a more rewarding process. Watching these types of athletes grow and develop is something that would not be possible without the hard working approach that the naturally talented individuals lack. I’m a firm believer that in sports you’ll only get back the amount you’re willing to put in so if you work hard and dedicate yourself to it you’re bound to get back a lot whether it’s in the form of skills or experiences.

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