The Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant's compete level is off the charts

If you think about names associated with basketball there are a couple of names that automatically pop into your head. Jordan, Magic, Bird, Wilt, and Russell are players that even the most casual of basketball fans know of. However, I’m willing to bet that another name is a part of that list too. That name is Kobe. No, not the type of meat or Japanese city, but the man basketball fans have nicknamed “The Black Mamba” which is fitting because it’s one of the deadliest and fastest snakes in the world. Kobe Bryant is arguably the best shooting guard / small forward hybrid in basketball history. His 6’6″ frame makes him no smurf in the paint, but his quickness and shooting touch makes him right at home on the perimeter as well. With one of the sweetest fade-away jump shots in the game and complete skill set it’s no wonder people compare him to Michael Jordan, arguably the best player in NBA history. His dribbling, shooting, and jumping ability are top class, but perhaps his biggest asset or best attribute is his tenacious competitiveness. He is no doubt the vocal leader of the Los Angeles Lakers and has led his team to several NBA championships. Known for his cold blooded nature and venomous ability to make shots in pressure situations, Kobe Bryant’s nickname “The Black Mamba” suits him quite well.

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